Special Offers

Special offers

GO Plc and Melita Ltd, in partnership with the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD) and the Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility (FITA) have launched new discounts to provide easier access to communication services for people with specific needs.


Deaf or hard of hearing people will benefit from special offers that are designed to give them access to endless data and SMS packages.

Please view the images below for more information.

LSM video is found below..

How to Apply

  1. Contact CRPD and give them your full name and ID card number so that they can check your eligibility to the offers. You may contact CRPD by sending an e-mail on helpdesk@crpd.org.mt ​or an SMS on +356 79788555. 
  2. If you are unable to send an email or SMS, you may send a video in Maltese Sign Language (LSM) to one of the Deaf People Association Malta’s committee members with your full name and ID card number and we will contact CRPD on your behalf.
  3. CRPD will check your eligibility to the offer. Once verified, CRPD will send you a verification letter via e-mail or post. 
  4. Visit any of the Go Mobile or Melita outlets and ask the salesperson about the offer that you wish to purchase. It is important that you take the CRPD verification letter and ID card with you. 

GO Offers

Melita Offers